When you ask the average person what comes to mind when they hear the word sponsorship, they are likely to answer signage and advertisement. In an outdated world this would be correct, but sponsorship has changed drastically over the past several years.


One Way Relationship

Traditional activation in sponsorship was very much a one-way relationship. The sponsor would pay money to the sponsee for a sign and/or access to the sponsee’s intellectual property. We have since evolved to more unique and effective activations because companies have realized the traditional method did not cut it.


Lacks Uniqueness

Teams and companies found out that simply putting your brand on a sign provides little ROI. A sign does not allow your brand to stand out because there are literally hundreds of other ones just like it. Those signs have become so commonplace, most consumers have learned to tune them out. Traditional activation does nothing to distinguish your brand from other sponsors or your competitors.


Trak allows you to streamline

With Trak, you will have the ability to streamline and organize your sponsorship department. Our updated system provides you the ability to put all your accounts, deadlines, and contracts in front of you. It will allow you to keep track of all your unique activations and give you more time to keep innovating activation ideas. Traditional activations are a thing of the past, allow us to enable your non-traditional ideas and innovations.